Social Science Calls for Papers: May 2013

Gender, Neoliberalism and Financial Crisis (Conference)
CfP deadline: 1st May 2013
Event: 27th September 2013, University of York

Business and Economics Employability Symposium: Student, Graduate, Employer and Educator Perspectives
Higher Education Academy
CfP deadline: 3rd May 2013
Event: 30th May 2013, Loughborough University

Cybercrimes and Emerging Web Environments (CEWE13) (Conference)
CfP deadline: 6th May 2013
Event: 9th – 11th September 2013, University of Derby

Crises and Ruptures in Memory and Narrative (Conference)
International Institute for Social History
CfP deadline: 15th May 2013
Event: 23rd – 26th April 2014, Vienna, Austria

Educational Assessment in Latin America (Journal Issue)
Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice
CfP deadline: 31st May 2013


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