Hello!  I’m an ESRC DTC Scholar and PhD student in Social Policy at the University of Kent with interests in clinical education and training, occupational socialisation and work transitions.  I blog about my research and other HE topics, a bit sporadically but roughly every week or so.  Keep up to date with new posts by clicking the “follow by email” button on the right or following @HCPerrin on Twitter.  Please do leave comments…

My thesis topic is socialisation into occupations, moving away from studies of professionalisation and skills-based training and exploring the ways that junior entrants into clinical occupations learn the norms of their institutions.  My research is focussed on the transition of final-year adult nursing students into their first roles as staff nurses.  I am currently exploring the relationships between cohorts of students, their mentors, teachers and peer groups, and mapping the ways in which they configure their socialisation within these networks.  I am also interested in theories of identity, institutional culture and transition management.

I hold a full scholarship from the ESRC’s South-East DTC.

Originally from Kent, I originally graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Bristol.  I attempted to leave academia and spent five years as Practice Manager of a busy veterinary group in East Kent, but in 2010 returned to full-time study, completing an MA in Health Services Research from the University of Kent with a thesis exploring discursive differences between newly-qualified nurses’ experiences of moving into practice and documented protocols from NHS Trusts, the NMC and RCN.

Alongside my current PhD research, I teach on the 2nd/3rd year undergraduate modules Health and Health Policy (SO603) and Sociology of Health and Illness (SO509) at the University of Kent and am also working towards my PGCHE.  I am part of SSPSSR’s Partner Schools team, delivering workshops to 11-18 year olds on and off campus.


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